You’re Conditioned for it Being Hard Work

And it doesn’t have to be…

Helen Amery
4 min readMay 21, 2024
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Have you noticed the way the conditioned patterns that played out prior to your spiritual exploration, continue to play out IN your spiritual exploration?

You continue to try and be the good girl / boy and please the teacher.

You continue to try and control the process.

You continue to be ignored. The excluded one.

You continue to have a difficult relationship with money.

You continue to be the one who never gets it like other people. The one who doesn’t deserve.

And a big one…

You continue to make it hard work.

Having struggled and suffered in ‘normal’ life, your spiritual exploration is now struggle and suffering too.

Sometimes in terms of complexifying it, or complicating it.

Sometimes in terms of following paths that feel like being brow-beaten or ground down.

Sometimes in terms of being in conversations that (or following practices that) bring up conditioning strongly, and magnify the struggle — but with no obvious solution.

Sometimes in terms of needing to apply effort and do things in the right way, at the right time, to make sure you stay aligned.

Does any of this resonate for you?

I’d love you to know…

It doesn’t have to be hard work

This conditioning creates a world where you overlook and dismiss things that seem ‘too easy’ or ‘too simple’.

You think that you only get good things if you work hard and do the struggle first [Pudding — but only if all the broccoli’s eaten.]

You only get to rest once you’ve suffered enough…[Who decides ‘enough’…? when will you get there…?]

All the while, your nature is ease

And it feels so good when you remember that.

But what gets in the way?

That conditioning to struggle and suffer — I’ll be good enough one day, and then I’ll get to play.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

So the solution? If you want it…

Clear that conditioning.

There are a myriad of ways to do that. My favourite is to get straight into the energetic realm, because that feels easeful for me!

I couldn’t believe it was possible when I first heard it — that we could deserve to have a business that feels easy and effortless.

That the thing we get rewarded for can be enjoyable and fun.

Who knew!

Struggle and suffering are optional.

What do you choose?

With love, Helen

P.S. Would you like to clear this conditioning in a way that is easeful?

You don’t have to work hard with a clearing process.

You don’t have to share war stories of how horrific your last clearing process was. You don’t have to work hard with numerous practices and rituals. You don’t have to see something that currently looks really hard to see.

You get to sit back, and receive.

You get to have the rug pulled out from under the conditioning for you.

You get to have the pattern to struggle and suffer cleared.

So then you feel different from within, which makes everything look different without.


Do you want this?

Our easeful journey of Clearing the Path for You begins on Monday.

8 weeks of Clearings and Transmissions.

You sit back and receive the daily remote clearings.

If you can, you attend the live transmission on the Friday.

So that the only effort you make is to document and share along the way. This is how you intentionally make visible the repeating patterns that reveal the unconscious programming to be cleared.

What will change in your life?

Currently the front runner in the votes for the theme of this journey is “The fundamental childhood identity” (such as ‘I am wrong’, ‘I am unwanted’, ‘I am unlovable’, ‘I am not enough’…this kind of thing.)

What would it be like if you didn’t do everything driven by that?

Imagine the freedom. The inner peacefulness. The absence of need, grasping, or desperation. The absence of self-deprecating comments. The lightness to enjoy life.

Pulling this rug out from under your conditioned jenga pile can have a profound impact on how you live your life.

Indeed, my shift into utter clarity to move more fully into this work is the result of such a rug being pulled out for me.

Come and be in the ease of clearing what no longer serves you.

Come and be in the ease of a process that doesn’t require struggle and suffering.

Something which doesn’t require you to wait till one day…maybe…it’ll go!

Let’s just clear it from your field now.

Want to join?

All members get access to this, so all you do is choose the level you want to join on.

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Find out more about each level here.

As well as this Clearings and Transmissions journey you of course get everything else in the Community too.

The first clearing is on Monday 27th May, but I recommend you join at least a couple of days before that so you can orient into the space, and get yourself set up to start.

If you want to hear more, watch me in this vid.

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