Why You Can’t Receive, and You Over-Give

When I received this insight recently…well…what can I say? Maybe it’s best if you have a read and watch, and see if it lands as powerfully for you too.

Helen Amery


Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

I literally can’t put into words the impact it had when I realised this inner equation that’s being done each time we receive, and which then causes us to over-give.

It’s this mistaken addition of ‘am I worth it?’ or ‘am I deserving?’ in the middle of the natural flow of giving and receiving that’s creating all the problems.

A question which makes zero sense to the truth of who you are — but which the human mind certainly has an answer for!

Watch the video for the truth of why you can’t receive, and you over-give.

What did this reveal for you?

With love, Helen

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