What’s Your Awakening Journey Been Like?

The world of awakening is full of different teachers, methodologies, inquiries and approaches. But ultimately you want to know the stable ground of feeling good. What’s your journey been like? Are you living the embodiment of our awakened nature?

Helen Amery
4 min readJun 1, 2024
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Do you want a stable, embodied awakening?

Here are 3 reasons why you might

1. I’m brand new to awakening

If you’re just setting out, you know you’re drawn to this ‘true nature’ conversation — potentially inexplicably to the mind — and you don’t know where to start…then to start with teachers who are already embodied in their awakening is a phenomenal opportunity.

Evidently my journey required going deeply into the tangle of nondual brain-twisters, into dismissal of the human experience as illusion, into denial of power because ‘there’s nobody here to be powerful’.

And that’s totally OK. I had the journey I was meant to have. But if I was brand new to it now, knowing what I know. I would go to embodied teachers who understand the true and the illusory as they were originally intended. I would go to those who live and share the completeness and wholeness of all things.

2. I’ve been in this a while and I get it intellectually

If you try and learn about awakening from words alone — that’s not it. We are incredible learning machines, and very soon the words — which you think you really know for yourself, because you can say them so well — become a false substitute for the real experience. They’re like a mimic.

You know this because you’re not experiencing a deep OK-ness as a background knowing. You’re still swept up in way more experiences that feel personal than you’d like.

This is where that question shook me up in my journey — but what do you know for yourself? Without reference to other teachers’ words, or concepts, or ideas…what do you deeply know for yourself? Without reference to books, or podcasts, or even your own mind…what do you deeply know for yourself?

It invited me into an embodied awakening, to know for myself. Before the intellect. To live as the awakened being we are, instead of forever feeling ‘oh damn, I’ve forgotten again!’

3. I’ve been flung into awakening and it feels destabilising

If you find yourself flung into awakening it can be delightful in the moment of it happening…and then incredibly destabilising afterwards. You might have been looking for something, or you might not. You might have been in a moment of despair, or you might not.

Sometimes awakening surprises us and drops us deeply into it. But with this there’s big disruption. Sometimes it feels like everything that was known has suddenly gone. You’re walking on unstable ground. Disoriented. Dazed. Erratic.

I’ve had people come to me who say they can’t talk to anyone else about it, because their friends and relatives all think they’re having a mental breakdown and need medical advice.

It’s tough.

And so to discover the possibility of embodying and stabilising in what’s happened is huge! To give the mind a logical, conceptual understanding, and to give the body a gradual, purposeful, proactive experience, makes such a difference.

It’s like being dropped in the deep end of the pool, flailing around, and then discovering there are people who can take you to step one of swimming lessons. Phew!

Which of these three is you?

What have you already experienced and tried?

What has really worked for you?

What just isn’t having an impact in your life? Not like you thought it would.

Awakening isn’t something that comes through intellectual discussion and debate. It’s not something to ‘get your head around’. It’s something to experience. Only this experience — and understanding what that experience is — creates an embodied awakening.

And it’s this that then leads to spiritually enlightening your human experience — as our spiritual nature shines more brightly and easily onto what is not in alignment for you.

This is what we ultimately all want — to feel in alignment within ourselves. To feel good within ourselves.

To feel good.

And knowing — deeply knowing and embodying — our awakened spiritual nature, is the stable ground of feeling good.

With love, Helen

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