What Stops You Feeling Aligned?

As far as I can see, the only thing that stops us feeling aligned is identification with what is not essentially us. And these identifications sometimes exist at great depths. Does this resonate with you?

Helen Amery


Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

I wrote the other day about the journey I’ve been on with my purpose, and how I’ve recently been clarifying that again . This has come after years in a post-awakening flow where purpose seemed entirely irrelevant. In that last post I shared the crux of what I love to do — helping people resolve repeating patterns by coming into alignment with who they’re here to be, while knowing who they really are.

But what takes us out of alignment?

As far as I can see, the only thing that takes us out of alignment is identification with something that isn’t essential to us, and then feeling scared of the feeling that creates.

Sometimes these identifications are easy to see

Like when I was identified with the idea that “any time in the morning that starts with a 5 is too early”.

Oh how I suffered in that belief until I saw that 5.01am was entirely different to 5.59.

I’d identified with an idea and taken it as a truth. Seeing the idea was nuts, I stopped identifying with it.

Then it went deeper. To see that I’d also identified with an idea that a certain time of waking automatically determined the kind of day I’d have.

Another idea that was discovered to be untrue, and I stopped identifying with it.

Seeing through identifications at this psychological or mindset level is incredibly impactful and really supports clearing the lenses and reminding you of the natural feeling of being in alignment.

But sometimes these identifications feel more entrenched

Like when I identify with the idea that speaking up will lead to me being hated and rejected and scrap-heaped.

With identifications like this ‘seeing the thought is untrue’ isn’t enough for their resolution…



Helen Amery

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