The Power of Lightening our Psychology

Lighter, and lighter, and lighter. Have you started questioning thoughts and thinking?

Helen Amery


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“We’re sitting under the tree of our thinking minds, wondering why we’re not getting enough sunshine.” Ram Dass

Before I started exploring my psychology I was so controlling. I would get frustrated so easily. I was so judgemental towards others — because I was so judgemental towards myself. I expected perfection from them — because I expected perfection from me. And I would analyse their responses, that look, that absence of an email reply — critiquing everything, wondering what it meant, whether they were pissed off with me, whether I was OK based on whether they thought I was OK.

I didn’t even know it was all happening. It was just my normal.

That was until…work introduced me to psychology-based coaching and a light went on!

I remember the beginning of that, when being asked normal coaching questions, I began to see that thoughts I had believed were definite and necessary and fixed in stone, were absolutely not that.

And that with each one that dispersed there was a lighter feeling.

What I didn’t realise back then was that these old thoughts didn’t need to be replaced with new ones. At that time I would practice the new thoughts. I would have them written up to remind me of them. I would say them like mantras. So that I would learn these new, better, shinier thoughts, in place of the old, stinky bad ones.

I didn’t know there is a fresh supply of the ‘right’ thought for each moment — always available. On tap.

And so thought became another thing for me to control.

What I also didn’t realise back then was that the lighter feeling I got every time a fixed thought dispersed was the feeling of me. Me in alignment with me. The feeling of the lightness of who I naturally am. Who we all naturally are.

I didn’t even consider what that feeling was. I just knew it felt nice. And lighter.

And so I kept exploring coaching because I wanted more of that feeling. And I wanted others to feel it too.

Fast forward 5 years, and



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