Some people balk at this…

…reliable happiness.

Helen Amery
2 min readMay 31, 2024
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I was running awakening workshops a few years back, and my co-facilitator and I would suggest to the group that we are only ever looking for reliable happiness.

At least one person in the group would always reject this idea.

Of course they did. Because their ‘no’ was based on an idea.

They were imaging a permanent happy-grin-on-your-face state, and seeing ‘that’s not natural’.

Which is very true. That’s not natural.

And that’s not the kind of reliable happiness we’re talking about.

This reliable happiness is gentle. It’s quiet. It’s a background knowing.

It’s our true nature.

It’s peace. It’s contentment. It’s ease. It’s OK-ness.

It’s our true nature.

It’s grounding. It’s centring. It’s equanimity.

It’s our true nature.

And it is also the impersonal light that shines and en-light-ens all human experiences that aren’t in alignment with your natural, aligned expression.

It’s our true, spiritual, enlightening, awakened nature.

Have you met yourself?

With love, Helen

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