Is This Feeling of Inadequacy Yours?

Have you ever considered that the ideas you have about yourself aren’t actually yours? Have you ever considered that you’re carrying something, collected as a child, that belonged to someone around you? That’s what my client came to realise.

Helen Amery
2 min readMar 30, 2024

“It’s not enough to tell ourselves that we want to be free or more authentic. We are programmed for emotional safety first. Real authenticity and freedom come from facing skilfully what we fear the most.”
​Scott Kiloby

One of my private clients has been skilfully facing what she fears the most, and the other day she had the most incredible realisation. It showed her that the feelings of inadequacy that she always assumed were hers, and about her, were not!

Oh the freedom!

And the love and compassion that came with this realisation.

Watch to hear me tell you more about it.

Realisations like this become available when we stop running away from our emotions. Instead, when we turn and meet them, they reveal so much more than we ever thought possible.

That’s what this client had done, and in meeting inadequacy, and not escaping it, so much was revealed!

You might intellectually know you’ve collected this experience, and that you’ve developed resistance to it. But until you actually meet it all, it will continue to drive your behaviour, and repeating patterns.

What have you met? What are you ready to meet?

With love, Helen

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