I Didn’t Think My Purpose Would Matter Again

After my awakening I didn’t think I’d ever be interested in a conversation about purpose again, and yet…

Helen Amery


Chalk words on street saying “fulfill your destiny”
Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

When I began my spiritual exploration, I had a significant awakening and saw SO CLEARLY that ‘having a purpose’ was for the mind. That who we really are has zero need, interest or consideration for having a purpose, or for living out your purpose.

It suddenly looked like a whole big waste of time that people, the development-world over, were scurrying around trying to find their why (HT Simon Sinek) so that they could feel fulfilled and happy.

And, in that recognition, all ideas of purpose fell away.

I spent the next four years going deeper into the truth of who we really are, enlightening from the conditioning of what we’re not, and following the flow of whatever showed up to be done next. No grand purpose required. Simply a case of doing the next obvious thing to be done.

Then, this year, an interesting thing happened. It’s like the engine cut out. There hasn’t been an absence of activity, plenty has still happened in life and in my businesses, but there was a shift. There was no clarity behind the activity. There was no direction. No purpose.

Indeed there have been times of feeling like entirely retreating. Of feeling like I have nothing to say. And that nobody needs to hear anything anyway. That everything is happening exactly as it is, and how it needs to, and absolutely no intervention or discussion or activity is required.

Then…something shifted again. It was like the engine was ready to start again but there was no idea of how. With egoic willpower gone, any old tactics were impossible. It felt like the tides were turning and the will of life was preparing to take the helm.

And I had no idea what the ride would be like!

What showed up next was a move towards a couple of coaches, both with different styles and approaches, but both with an overall direction of supporting me with clarifying purpose.

Who knew that after that original awakening and recognition this would be a thing!



Helen Amery

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