Have you scratched beneath the surface?

A poem about the journey to see and be with everything in us that we’ve feared.

Helen Amery
2 min readApr 1, 2024
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Have you scratched beneath the surface?

Have you scratched beneath the surface of what you avoid? Of where you find inaction? Of what is staying the same?

Have you scratched beneath the surface of contractions you feel? Of the triggers you turn from? Of the dangers you fear?

Have you taken a moment, to ask and look? Or are you denying and resisting? Do you judge and push…

…away the fears that lurk beneath.

Although not that far. They’re right here, in reach.

When you take a moment to ask

What it means

You soon find the answer…a stream of ideas

Hiding a feeling…

One that looks wrong…itself covering over emotion unhealed.

In a matter of seconds the sequence unfolds…I’ll be a failure…rejected…unwanted…alone.

And there you strike gold…the fear at the heart.

The one calling for love that you’ve consistently stood

Apart from and judged

Avoided and shamed.

Assuming it wrong.

Assuming indeed, that it means I am wrong.

So I call you forward, with true love by our side, to do the work that is our heart’s desire.

To turn and face ourselves within. To meet fearful feelings and remember all is well.

That we are wholeness.

Simply obscured

By the idea that this feeling is somehow unsound.

But all is included and all is safe. When you stand in yourself, and with love you face.

With love, Helen

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Turn towards yourself. Dare to scratch beneath the surface and let’s look, with love.




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