Are you playing a waiting game with your spiritual journey?

I’m here to share that you don’t have to wait.

Helen Amery
4 min readMay 14, 2024
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When I first started my spiritual exploration, it was via the Three Principles where it was suggested (or I heard) you could just ease off and an insight would be along, at some point, which would leave clarity in its wake. But you wouldn’t know when it was coming…of course. We can’t order insights like a burger and fries.

Of course there’s a benefit to this easing off when you’ve been living in busy constriction — insights do arise more easily in that space.

But the ‘need to wait’ can create suffering when it becomes an idea that ‘I’ll be OK as long as I can wait’.

his re-introduces constriction, and limits the chance of an insight!

A useful design of course, to show the one who thinks they’re in control, that they’re not.


Then there was this floaty ‘know who you really are’ which also seemed to be something you needed to wait for aswell. That one day you would be lucky enough for the beams of light to strike on your head and ta-da! You would be in full recognition of yourself. Until then you’d just keep being told you weren’t there.


I mean (as above) we don’t get to order this recognition like burger and fries, but there are definitely things we can do to oil the wheels of the process. To significantly increase the chances of the recognition happening. We don’t just have to wait.

This was one reason Sara and I wrote The Complete Book of Awakening — to show that we don’t need to wait. You can recognise your essential nature right here and now. There is no magic moment to wait for. It is not a special, far off experience. It’s you here. And we share ways to help you genuinely look and see that.


Then into enlightenment, and the dissolution of the conditioning we’ve collected. Becoming aware of the patterns…first step — done! And then seemingly needing to wait for the patterns to go. Getting the message that it will go in its own time…we just need to keep looking…and seeing…But, I mean, I’ve seen it…that’s apparently the beginning of it going…so…drums fingers…I expect it will go soon…”


Waiting is not our nature.

Not the ‘drums fingers’ kind of waiting.

Our nature is forward momentum. Constant evolution and movement. A movement that includes movement and non-movement. The latter non-movement is peaceful, contented, being — very different from drumming fingers waiting.

Which is cool, this forward momentum means things are always changing and we never know what might shift, change or fall away in the next moment.

But we also love to DO. We love to take action. We love to feel the power that we are — empowerment — to support the process of this forward momentum. To oil those wheels of this natural process. Or even to play-act like we’re having this effect — for the sheer hell of it. For the pure delight of having this human experience.

Who knows!

But what I’ve seen and felt is that there are things we can do, to support all of the natural processes I’ve outlined above.

Want some insights? Go for a walk, or go deeper with a Street Wisdom.

Want to awaken to our essential nature? Read TCBOA, or go deeper with the a live group*.

Want to enlighten yourself of conditioning? Engage with inquiries, or go deeper with Energy Work**.

What do you feel called to?

Don’t let the idea that ‘taking action isn’t spiritual’ stop you.

Do what you’re called to. Do what feels good. Do what leads to a deeper and lighter experience of you, being you, here in this world.

It looks to me like that’s what we’re here for.

With love, Helen

*For deeper awakening, Sara and I run live groups to journey through The Complete Book of Awakening together. It leads to deeper recognitions and therefore deeper awakening. The next group starts on 4th Sept 24.

**For deeper energy work, to clear conditioning, I’m starting a new 8-week programme of energy clearings and transmissions on 27th May. To clear the path for you to express more of you in the world. Join this programme in the Wild Fig Community from as little as £33 for 8 weeks (half price first month).



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