Are You Addicted to Thought?

Read this to find out if you are, and what you can do about it.

Helen Amery
3 min readFeb 29, 2024
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“Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you.” NHS website

We are terrified of the word addiction. It’s understandable. I imagine we’re all connected to someone who suffers with addiction, or maybe that’s been us. And so we’ve all seen someone struggle, or been the victim, on the receiving end, of their struggle.

It’s an emotive word.

And a powerful word for this reason, for you to ask — am I addicted to thought?

You will know if…

Sitting still and quiet for a few moments feels impossible. Either thoughts come rushing in and your attention soon gets absorbed into them. Or you feel the need to get up and do something, to avoid them.

You are in a constant past-future experience. Worried about the future. Analysing the past. Feeling doubt, uncertainty and insecurity.

You wake at 3am with a mind racing. A result of you trying to abstain / suppress your addiction to thought in the daytime.

You find yourself in misunderstandings, upset, and perhaps arguments with other people because you believe all the worst case scenarios playing in your mind.

When anything challenging happens, you find yourself instantly in your mind, hearing thoughts like ‘I can’t handle this’, ‘I don’t know what to do’, ‘this is too much’. Or perhaps judgemental thoughts ‘well if they hadn’t done that then…’, ‘if it wasn’t for them I’d be able to…’, ‘it’s alright for them, they…’.

Fundamentally, you know you’re addicted to thought if you spend the majority of your time in your head instead of in life.

You know you’re addicted to thought if the head appears to be the right place to navigate life from. It appears to be the right place to go for answers. It appears to be safe, controllable, sensible, rational, logical.

And you know you’re addicted to thought if you’re suffering the consequences of this. Discovering a life that isn’t safe, controllable, sensible, rational or logical.

Like all addicts, you’re trying to control the addictive substance, rather than getting honest:
to see how things really are,
to see who you really are,
and to see what the substance you’re relying on for your wellbeing really is.

Are you ready to get honest?

Are you ready to turn towards yourself, rather than continue addictively escaping to the mind?

Are you ready to fundamentally question what thought is, and who you are?

Much love, Helen

P.S. This exploration is what Amy’s bringing to The Enlightenment Event in March. Guiding you through a session that invites you to fundamentally question your assumptions, and to get up close with thought, to see what it is that you keep turning to for salvation. To see what it is you’ve given your power to, as we do in any addictive experience.

Watch Amy talk about that here.

Do you want to drop the addiction?

It starts with honestly seeing how thought is running your life.

And feeling the desire in your heart to have a more fulfilling, alive and aligned experience.

An enlightening experience.

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